27 de julio de 2009

EU Organic Farming Logo

EU Organic Farming Logo

The design of this logo attempts to combine two concepts:

1-The European Union, represented by the symbol of the Euro

The Euro symbol represents the EU's currency and whilst reminding us of money, it is also a symbol that standardizes Europe.
Although some European countries do not have the Euro as their official currency, it is in fact the international currency that represents Europe.
This is the reason why I wanted to use it as a global concept of Europe.

2- Organic farming, represented by a clear drawing which resembles a leaf or a seed, which puts together the idea of agriculture and stockbreeding of organic farming.

Both concepts are combined with the leaf or seed split in two, which suggests the two lines that appear on the symbol of the Euro.

These ideas are reduced to the minimal expression to create a dynamic and recognisable image, which can be easily understood.

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